Goodbye old blog!


Jer and I will no longer be posting our photography to this blog. You have all known us as Jes and Jer and it’s time to make it official. We have opened a new business and it is called…. Yup, you guessed it, Jes + Jer!

I hope you will visit us at and “Like” us on Facebook at Come look at pretty pictures. It’ll be fun! Oh, and there will be a HUGE Giveaway announced soon!

Thanks to everyone who has trusted us with the very important honor of photographing the special times in your life in the past. Thank you for visiting this blog! Thanks for all the love and support you have given us in the past. We hope this next year is a great adventure and hope to see and hear from you along the way!

Happy New Year everyone!


Ivy {high school senior}

Meet Ivy. My beautiful cousin. I pretty much love these shots. That is why this post will be so darn long because I couldn’t narrow it down. Ivy lives in Nebraska and made two trips up to Rapid this summer. This is a treat for our family here as although Ivy and her family live just 7 hours away we don’t see them as much as we would like. So we split her session into two. Mainly because there was a specific shot I wanted and that would have to wait until our family reunion at Angostura Lake. So I hope you all enjoy and leave Ivy some Comment Love!

This is Ivy and her boyfriend, Queneth. He was just as much fun to photograph as Ivy was. So relaxed in front of the camera.

This one is my favorite. It was a picture perfect day, minus all the wind. But we used it to our advantage and I’m so happy with how Ivy rolled with it!

I love the lighting here. It brought out the blue in her eyes and the red tones in her hair!

Above is the start of session two at the lake!

This is the reason we split our session in two. I have wanted to try this idea out for awhile and I am so excited about it!

Thank you to my other two beautiful cousins for your assistance that day. I could not have done it without you ladies, as well as my awesome Aunts Jackie and Brenda!

Love you, Ivy.

Angela’s Family

I don’t really know how to begin. When I think of this family I just think about how cool they all are. Let me tell you why.

I got to know Angela via emails and on the phone when she inquired about family pictures. She and her family were going to visit the Black Hills because her folks were celebrating their 45th Anniversary. First of all, that’s pretty amazing. Second, Angela was just great. And I was so happy I was going to get to photograph all of them because they all had kids and they wanted FUN. Fun Photos.

So that was the goal and I think you can all tell from their photos they are a pretty fun and fabulous family. Their kids were so sweet and polite and silly. It’s such a joy to photograph families, especially when they welcome me like they all did.

Congratulations again, Anita and Harry on 45 years together! You have such a beautiful family; Angela, Kyle and their adorable Jazz, Paula, Jeff and the cutie patooties Hunter and Adam, Corinne, Dean and their precious Kate! And thank you all again for the lovely gifts you brought all the way from Canada. I hope you all return to the Black Hills again one day and I hope you look me up!

Andrea + Mike {Engaged!}

So it’s no surprise I love my clients. I tell my friends and family all the time lately that I feel so lucky to be booking fun and fabulous couples, which is what I look for when couples approach me about photographing their wedding. I not only want them to like me and my work, but I want to like them! Well, I liked Andrea and Mike from the start. They are just a sweet, sweet couple and I knew from the get-go that I wanted to be their photographer. I am a lucky girl they booked!!

Now we all know how ridiculous weather has been and it rained on our first session date. This causes lots of trickiness because Andrea and Mike both work and Mike has been out of town. They are buying a house ta boot. All this and getting married this Fall. So, basically they are busy as all heck! On our rescheduled session date it was looking like rain AGAIN so we decided to go out in the morning and beat the rain. And we did. (Well actually it ended up not raining at all that day. But whatever!)

Meet Andrea and Mike, my bloggie friends!

WHOOPS! Notice we parked on the wrong side of the road and didn’t feed the meters any quarters!

The Paddle Boats were a first for Andrea and Mike. For us too!

Camera + Water = Scary. Like, REALLY SCARY. Thank you Mike for taking a pic of me and Jer. LOVE IT!

Andrea, I hope the sunburn was worth it!

Sarah + Josh {Engaged!}

Meet Sarah and Josh everyone! My first engagement shoot of the season and a fun one at that. The wind subsided last weekend just in time for our afternoon together and I couldn’t be happier. Sarah and Josh will marry in 2012, but got a head start on all their wedding planning. Sarah and Josh, I am so excited for your wedding next year! YOU are why I love photographing couples so much. So relaxed. So in love. So much fun. I hope you enjoy a little taste of your session. Good luck in your endeavors. South Dakota will miss you both.

Alright friends, let the oogling begin. Aren’t they stinkin cute?!

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